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The DXXE Award (Diploma) is available for all amateur radio operators who hold valid contact with members of the DXXE group, as well as expeditions or contests of its members. 

All contacts in modes and bands authorized from December 1, 2004 are valid. Those contacts made via repeater are excluded. 

The Award is offered in four categories:

-          Basic: Contact with three different stations belonging to DXXE members.

-          Intermediate: Have contacted with 6 different stations of DXXE members.

-          Advanced: Have contacted with 12 different stations of DXXE members.

-          Triple Play: Have contacted with 4 different stations of DXXE Group members in the 3 modes: CW, SSB, and RTTY as follows: 4 in CW, 4 in SSB, and 4 in RTTY, regardless of the band that have been worked and without using a repeater. 

* The first three categories apply no matter the worked mode. It can be single, mixed mode, or by band.

It is not required to send QSLs, only the basic data from the contact (callsign, date, UTC time, band, mode, signal report, etc). All the contacts would be reviewed electronically with the DXXE members’ logs.  

All the contacts within the same application must have been made from the same DXCC entity.  

Consider the next expeditions and operations in contests: XF3T (NA-200), XF1K (NA-164), XF1K (NA-165), XF4DL (NA-030) y XF4K (NA-115), and all those organized in the name of the DXXE Group. 

A complete valid stations guide for the award is available at www.dxxe.org on the “DIPLOMAS/AWARDS” section. 

Send the contact list to xe1ee@hotmail.com. Once the contacts are validated and approved, a $11.00 USD deposit must be made. 



DXXE Awards Manager





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